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SE2 System - Thermion

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SE2 System

SE2 (Studio Environment Emulation) is a patented system that allows you to turn the recorded sound of our pedal preamps and turn it into realistic analog-digital emulations of mythic amplifiers, microphones and speakers. 

While most of the emulation systems rely purely in digital technology, SE2 combines the analog non-linear character of our preamp pedals with the linear character of impulse responses, IR, to recreate accurately the behavior of an amplifier recorded in a studio environment.

SE2 works in a very simple way: You just have to process the sound of our preamp pedals with their associated Impulse Responses which are free to download from our website:

There are many amps, speakers and microphones that can be emulated. Each one has a separate IR, and often the best results are got by mixing different microphones and speakers.

Here's a way to use SE2 system in any DAW, based in the freeware plugin ‘Lepou Lecab’.


You will need


  • Thermion preamp pedal such as Gasoline or Heartbreaker.
  • Soundcard that can record into a DAW. Better if it has an ‘Instrument’ or ‘High Z’ input.
  • DAW such as Reaper, Pro Tools, Cubase.
  • Freeware plugin ‘Lepou Lecab’.


Here’s how to proceed


  • We suggest installing and using the freeware plugin 'Lepou Lecab', because it has many options and will allow you to easily mix IRs. Here you can download it for Windows or Mac:

Mac VST:
Mac AU:

  • You have to load the IR using the plugin interface. In the case of Lecab, you have to use this command:

  • You will need to connect your instrument to the input of the preamp pedal and its output to any soundcard that can record into a DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, Reaper...). It will react better connected to an instrument or ‘High Z’ input.
  • Set the pedal preamp to 'R' mode in the VRM switch.
  • Make the sound of your preamp pedal go into your DAW and pass through the plugin with at least one IR loaded. The sound of the amp, speaker and microphone you will obtain will be the one that the name of the IR says.
  • Now you can use the pedal controls (except for the VRM switch that must be set at R') as if you were using an amplifier to record. Keep in mind that the output volume will react in the same way a recorded amp would, and will love to be loud, while you don’t saturate the input of your soundcard.
  • We suggest combining the IRs of different microphones, as you will obtain a fuller sound with richer harmonics. All IRs for the same amp were created at the same time and are fully coherent. Also, we suggest setting the low cut of the plugin at around 100hz – 150hz.

SE2 impulse responses can be loaded and used in any digital convolution system such as digital modelers or IR pedals.  Experiment and try mixing different amps, speakers and microphones and soon you’ll be enjoying the realistic effect of the analog-digital experience of SE2.

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