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About us - Thermion

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About us

Why choose between the punch and warmth of analog circuits and the versatility and portability of digital equipment?

We founded Thermion in 2012 as a technical service for vacuum tube amplifiers in the area of Albacete, Spain. Our vision of the analog tone is forged among tube amplifiers, from old the 60s and 70s clean amps to modern classics such as High Gains from the 80s and 90s. They show us a world of character, harmonics and dynamics.

It is our vision as active musicians and engineers that reveals us the needs of modern guitarists: Portability and versatility.

One vision

Pure analog equipment, open to modern digital versatility. Carried by this dream, we spend four years developing our first preamp pedals, Gasoline and Heartbreaker, together with the Studio Environment Emulation, SE2 system.

In our preamps, the dynamic and analog realism is merged with the possibility of processing your tone with dedicated Impulse Responses. At last you can sound real live. At last you can record those tones at home with studio quality directly from your pedalboard, without the need for microphones, studio preamps or recording rooms.

We’re local

All our creations are manufactured by hand in our workshop in Albacete (Spain) according to our own soldering, assembly and quality control processes. We rely on local and national craftsmen for our machining, screen printing, powder coating and upholstery techniques, creating unique, exclusive and precise pieces of equipment. Nothing compromises the tone and reliability of a Thermion creation.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Our hand manufacturing minimizes waste and optimizes the amount of energy used in the process.

Our packaging is plastic-free and is entirely made of recycled and recyclable materials. The screen printing of our cardboard boxes is done by hand with a spray stencil to minimize the amount of paint and machinery needed in the process.

We reuse non-recyclable items such as discarded PCB boards as raw material for our city's local knife industry.

We’re real

We are convinced that the philosophy of our creations has established a new concept of amplification. Our time has come; be part of the legend. We are Thermion; we are real.


First price “Best innovative idea” for our SE2 system at “Foro Albacete Capital de Emprededores 2014”
Second price “Innovative project” for Thermion at “Foro Albacete Capital de Emprededores 2014”
Winners of “Sherpa 2016” contest organized by “Federación de empresarios de Albacete”

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