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Spitfire Combo 50W - Thermion

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Spitfire 50W Combo

21st century tone


Do you always have to choose between combos with good clean and good distortion channels? The best of both worlds is in Spitfire 50W Combo.

Two independent channels, two master volumes, two gain modes and three presence modes. It is a great presentation for a combo that, with 50W of tube power, astonishes even the most demanding guitarists. Its perfect tonal balance makes Spitfire 50W Combo the ideal amplifier for those who are not willing to give up anything for their tone.

Our careful design of the interaction between preamp and power amp allows to easily controlling the amount and character of the saturation that we want at any moment. A careful and exclusive exterior design with the best materials completes our great bet in the world of amplification.


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Two independent footswitchable channels. Clean channel: Volume, treble, bass, bright mode. Drive channel: Volume, gain, treble, mid, bass, boost mode.
Footswitchable boost mode in drive channel.
Two footswitchable master volumes.
Footswitchable Serial Effects loop.
Deep mode.
Three presence modes.
Standby switch.


You'll like it if you look for...

You are looking for a versatile, exclusive, head-turner amplifier. You love hoarse and growly drives without giving up all the punch and power. Dislike trebly amps. Dislike traditional tolex finish. You want to have two volumes always available, for example, for rhythms and solos. You want a lightweight head to carry everywhere without sacrificing versatility. You like 100% natural valve sound without your signal passing through a single solid state device.


Custom colors

Raven black

Spitfire gray

Navy blue

Army green

Mint green

Walnut brown

Wine red

Monarch orange


Technical specifications


Channels 2
Master volumes 2
Preamp technology Tubes
Power amp technology Tubes
Power technology Solid state
Maximun output power 50W
Master volumes 2
Inputs 1
Output 4 and 8 Ohm
Bias control Yes. Adjustable from outside of the chassis.
Jensen Tornado Classic 100. 12”, 8 ohm
4xJJECC83 and 2x5881 ‘Short Bottle’
Fuses Double power supply fuse protection. Protection fuses for each power tube.
Slow start thermistor Yes
Footswitch with LED indication that allows to control: Channel (clean-drive), master volume (rhythm-solo), boost mode (on-off in drive mode) and effects loop (on-off).
Hand sewn and lined.
Solid wood cabinet with dovetailed unions to ensure maximum resonance.
Hand wired, soldered and built.
Synthetic leather lining, sewn by hand and built in one piece.
Custom colour options available.
White ‘Spitfire tail’ stripe.
Dimensions and weight
Dimensions (WxHxD) 60x50x29cm
Weight 24kg

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