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Alejandro Abellán

Alejandro Abellán has worked as a session and studio musician in various bands Spain. He started playing at age 12, influenced by guitarists such as Paul Gilbert, Jan Cyrka or Scott Henderson.

Soon, he began working as a guitar teacher, while expanding his studies and and his early work as a session guitarist. When he starts to be interested in styles such as blues, jazz, pop, funk or the world of acoustic guitar, he becomes a versatile musician and enriching his palette of sounds. With this expansion he discovers many of his idols, such as Steffen Schackinger, Julian Lage, The Twanguero, Justin Derrico, etc.

At the age of 19 he starts to make his first national tours and to work frequently as a studio musician, recording numerous albums. After three years immersed in all kinds of projects as a session guitarist, at age 22 he starts working as an endorser with numerous international brands.

Alejandro has been interviewed by important platforms specialized in the guitar world such as ‘Spanish Guitar’, ‘Feed my hit’, ‘Rock n 'roll for stumps’ and ‘Guitar Bend’. He has also been reviewed by websites such as ‘’ and ‘’ and selected as one of the best Spanish guitarists by websites such as ‘Planeta Musical’ or ‘Guitar Bend’. In 2012 he won the third national guitar solos prize of the ISP Música magazine contest, in whose jury was Nuno Bettencourt. In 2016, Alejandro recorded for Boutique Profiles, forming part of his community of guitarists. This year, he was also part of the project The Guitar Family, an initiative that included some of the best guitarists in Spain.

Alejandro is currently recording his first solo album and working in various bands, such as ‘GMV Big Band’, ‘Belter Souls’, the musical ‘Rain Road’ and numerous bands along Spain. In addition, he also performs as a studio musician and manages his own guitar recording studio.


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