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Carlos Vicent

Carlos Vicent

Carlos Vicent fits perfectly into the description of the vocational teacher. It is not surprising that some of his most important influences (Ted Greene, Mick Goodrick, Tim Miller, Leo Brouwer or Charlie Banacos) are reference teachers.

Although he defines himself as essentially self-taught player, his training has gone through many paths: A the age of 8, he starts studying piano, instrument that at 13 he changes for classical and electric guitar. He combines his formal studies in Music Schools, with modern music and his almost opposite approach: transcribing records, playing in bands, studying with other musicians (Chema Vilchez or John Stowell among others), devouring any score, book, magazine or video that falls into his hands and, from the age of 18, teaching others.

His never-ending thirst to understand and know everything about music is directly proportional to his desire to transmit it. This impulse results in the creation of his blog which is a true extension of his pedagogical facet, his philosophy and his research in the musical field. In this space, he reflects weekly his ideas about harmony, improvisation, composition, technique, creativity, as well as articles where he reflects on music in any of its manifestations.

Since then, it has become one of the most read specialized musical teaching blogs in Spanish, with more than 150,000 followers and virally shared entries around the world.

Currently, when he is not teaching, practicing or blogging, he works on the composition of a solo guitar album, and writes his first still to be released book.

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