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David Pedragosa

David Pedragosa

David Pedragosa's passion for the guitar begins at age 11. Bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple were his first influences and his first contact with amplified music. Energetic riffs and solos of the time marked in David the beginning of his training as a guitarist.

He soon began to study in different music academies in Madrid. Little by little he began to enter other musical generes and acquire more and more knowledge that led him to continue his training with master Felix Santos, who was for David a before and after in his training. With him he developed all his theory and harmony training.

Later he would meet Mayte Leturiaga, a key moment in his career, who after listening to him trying an amplifier offered him the opportunity to be a demonstrator of the Fender brand in Spain, playing clinics all over the country.

In his career as a guitarist he has worked with numerous groups and bands, from orchestras to big tours with artists like Rosana, El Barrio, Mondragón Orchestra, Raimundo Amador, El Bicho, David Summers, Rubén Blades, Dani Martín, Fito Cabrales, Pedro Guerra ... an endless list that makes David a musician open to all musical styles and one of the most talented guitarists in Spain.

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