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Christian Vegh

Christian Vegh

Christian Vegh has been referred to as a "young guitar prodigy with an old soul"; the "type of young artist that will shape Canadian music for the next 50 years" and the “hottest young guitar player in the nation”.

In 2016 Christian Vegh received the American Federation of Musicians “Charles McDaniel Award”; "Brotherhood of the Guitar"; Biz X International Magazine “Artist of the Year” & Berklee College of Music Scholarship.

Christian has been working on many projects including writing/performing for Spectre Media Group. “Can you play Metal on a Telecaster?” was featured in Guitar World and Guitar Player & Ultimate Guitar Magazines (half a million Youtube views in 2 weeks). He has been featured on many magazine covers, articles, television and radio shows.

Christian was honoured to represent Canada and U.S. in a video from the Netherlands with some of the top shredders from around the globe.  He is currently performing, songwriting, recording & touring most recently NAAM - California, Musikmesse – Germany and Nashville. 


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